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Fourth Day


What are Fourth Day and Ultreyas ?

Fourth Day:
The Fourth Day is also called a Group Reunion which is a small group of Cursillo friends that meet on a regular basis.  The purpose of this meeting is to share with one another the growth that has taken place within each of us. We share our spiritual growth as well as our growth in becoming a person who strives to bring a Christ-like attitude to our environments.  This meeting is also referred to as a Friendship Group. 

As we make attempts to bring Christ into our various environments, we will sometimes become frustrated.  The group Reunion also provides the continual support we need in order to persevere as a part of God's plan

The Fourth Day begins on Sunday of your Cursillo weekend. Cursillistas gather in groups on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to follow PSA format and to pray together. The coordinator of Fourth Day groups in the San Jose Cursillo Movement is the Post-Cursillo Chair, Mary Grunthaner. If you are interested in a Fourth Day or want to find one or start one, contact Bill for further information. At the monthly Ultreyas, a table is available where there is information Fourth Day/Friendship Groups.

If you belong to a Fourth day group, please send Mary information concerning the day and time of your group . Please advise if you have openings in your group and if it is for Men, Women or both. This information is much appreciated by all in the Cursillo Community.

Ultreyas are an important part of the growth and education of the Community in the history and the true essence of Cursillo. It is a time for renewal, a time to reminisce, a time for music and food, a time for sharing, and a time to share the Holy Spirit's love for us with one another. It's for that reason that the Ultreya concept is presented to the Community as a great way to show all Cursillistas the importance of being involved in a 4 th Day group. The reward from 4 th Day is yours, only if you get involved !

"Make a Friend," "Be a Friend," "Bring a Friend to Christ,"
is a 4th Day commitment, for the Rest of Your Life.

The Ultreya reunions are an extension of the Cursillo Weekends and therefore should be "supported" for six months by the Team, new Cursillistas and Sponsors of the most recent Weekends. The hosting of monthly Ultreyas will alternate between the most recent Men's and Women's teams until a total of six Ultreyas have been hosted, or a new set of teams has taken over. A list of future Ultreyas in the San Jose Cursillo Movement can be found on the Events Calendar.

Last Updated: 07/06/15.

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